Music thrives in community.

We love to make music with our friends, and believe one of the best ways to get to know someone is to make some music together. Creativity bares the soul.

This is a goal of High Pressure Sound, to engage with the mobile community of musicians, performers, and fans by providing a robust setting to spontaneously harness creative energies. We hope to bring together people from all over the United States to create and share music of all kinds.

Inspiration cannot be cultivated, it must be found.

Working in a windowless room or a basement studio can provide its own inspirational focus, but many musicians thrive in the great outdoors, and to be witness to the grandeur of nature while finding and creating musical ideas is incredibly refreshing.

This is a goal of the High Pressure Sound bus: to bring the musician out into the world and to take advantage of the excitement that comes from direct and regular interaction with nature. Too much of the music industry is caught up in quiet studios, cold basements, and dark clubs. We strive to bring the light back into music.

Share the unknown artist.

There is a vast array of music made that has not yet been played on the radio, added to a Spotify playlist, or showed up on Pandora; individuals who haven't yet shared their sound, unrecorded jam sessions that will never be heard again, and impromptu performances that captivated audiences but are lost to history. We hope to capture some of these magical moments so they can be shared and spread among friends.